Why Stay At Home Moms Wear Blazers

Hey PWR WMN! We’ve often heard this question and wanted to address it. Why do stay at home moms need or even want blazers? BECAUSE IT’S A JOB. A 👏🏽 J👏🏽O👏🏽B👏🏽. All too often the role that stay at home moms play in the home and in society is downplayed. How dare, HOW DARE anyone ask a stay at home mom what “they really do all day”. MA’AM/SIR, we actively keep humans alive AND manage to teach them things that help them become active members of society. When people assume we just sit around all day drinking mimosas (I plead the fifth on hard seltzers😎), it's super offensive, but even worse, it gives you a little glimpse at how society really views our value as full time moms. Why is it that after/during raising a beautiful child I can’t walk into an office job and submit a resume which confidently displays my years as a stay at home mom as a job?

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To be honest, I didn’t realize exactly how hard being a stay at home mom was until I became one 😬. Sophia is only 1 year old and let me tell you, the experience has humbled me to my core. I wear a blazer often even when I don’t show my outfit on online. I wear a blazer because my job is important. I’m the CEO, Founder, manager, and director of Sophia’s Mom ™ and Co. And I take pride in my job because it’s one of the most important for my community. I am ensuring not only her wellbeing but that of others by making sure that her development as a human is my priority. 

womens blazer, stay at home mom

It’s time we start treating stay at home moms with the respect they deserve. Stay at home wear blazers if they want to for the same reasons anyone in an office or a job would, because they’re at work and they want to feel powerful doing their jobs. What they do is important and not only should we recognize that but they should be able to feel it in their wardrobe. And what easier way to feel powerful than with a blazer 😎. Also, PWR WMN blazers have pockets for all of the mom tools necessary, a pocket for tissues, tiny toys, phone, snacks, and yes, a hard seltzer, because after a hard day of moming, trust me you’d need one too 😅.PWR WMN blazers are for every woman, because every woman is a PWR WMN.  

womens blazers, stay at home mom 

womens blazers, stay at home mom

womens blazers, stay at home mom

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