Mompreneuring: What? Like it's Hard?


By now, you have met my adorable chismosa (noisy in Spanish) (you came to learn honey!) baby Sophia. She and PWR WMN were born just a month apart, all because I can't plan or count (natural planing is not my strength)! I'm a “learn as you go” gal and since becoming an entrepreneur, and it has proven to come in handy every once in a while (aka always, thank you Google🙏🏽). So what does my day look like? Hope you took Dramamine because we're about to go in circles. Welcome to my day and the day of many stay at home moms and mompreneurs ❤️!

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I like to start my work days with a workout if possible, I feel it sets the mood for the day! I honestly never want to go but after i'm done I feel great! I think that doing something you're not naturally inclined to do, hones your discipline and lets your mind and body know that you CAN overcome that little voice in your head that says “girl sit down". A must for me is making the bed everyday. Even if I don't even shower, at least my bed is made and ONE thing got done 😅. For me, the way I dress heavily affects the way I feel and how productive I am. If I know I have a few things to knock out I make sure I dress my very best. That means a PWR WMN blazer, a cute top, and jeans (mom life). In my blazer I make sure to keep my lipstick, business cards, and a pen…and a snack 😬(for Sophia and I) (mainly me). Usually, the night before my work days, I sit down after Sophia has been put to bed, and I plan out my upcoming day. I usually make a list and then highlight the most important tasks that have to get done no matter what. I love planners and planning so much, I already bought my 2021 planner, EEK! I got it at Target! 
female entrepreneurs, women's blazers
After a lot of mom guilt I finally admitted that I needed help. To be honest I already knew (and everyone knew) that I needed help but being a small business owner means you make sacrifices and compromises here and there to nurture your dream. The juggling and guilt wore me down and I started to realize I wasn't being my best self, as a business owner or a mom. I was juggling so many tasks that nothing was getting done with the joy and passion I wanted to give it. So I decided to speak up and asked a wonderful human to come and help me take care of Sophia from 9am-2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Doing this took a huge weight off my shoulders because while she's here I get to focus on PWR WMN without any guilt and very little distraction. 
mompreneur, womens blazers, female entrepreneurs

During the day I mainly focus on creating content, managing social media, finding beautiful events to pop up at, and talking to our manufacturer about our beautiful blazers. Right now we have a very exciting blazer design collaboration about to drop so we have been editing and designing A LOT. It takes us a long time to finalize a design for our PWR WMN blazers because we're so picky about sizing, fabric, and fit. We've learned so much from designing our first blazers and we are working hard to implement the things we've learned about designing blazers into each new design! I have yet to finish a day's list but when you love what you're doing, it's honestly a privilege to get to work on it! By 2pm I feel fulfilled and ready to play with my little one! On the days I don't have help I just try to do what I can, when I can, with 0 expectations. Changing my expectations and accepting that my time wasn't just mine anymore helped me change my mindset on what my day looked like and helped me value my day differently. Just because I maybe wasn't able to post or do any PWR WMN action items, doesn't mean I didn't have a productive day, after all, being a mom is my full time job and if my baby is happy, I count that as a success! 


Thank you so much for reading about my day 😊 We want to hear about yours and about how you make your day a success! What do you do to set yourself up for success? Do you throw your PWR WMN blazer and lipstick on? Do you plan the night before? We wanna know PWR WMN, because YOU inspire US!



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