She Means Business | Women's Black Blazer Suit Jacket


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This is your loyal, tried and true, never going to let you down, black PWR WMN Blazer.

This PWR WMN staple blazer is incredibly comfortable and flexible and it moves with you, just like your best friend would. The sleeves are long enough for you to fold up and show off the beautiful interior lining, just in case you want to spice it up and get sassy that day! On the inside you’ll find the luxurious and feminine lining, with enough give to let you stretch and move with confidence, without fear of tearing the seams!
Last but not least...the pockets...THE POCKETS! Two strategically placed interior pockets, one big enough for your credit cards, ID, money, business cards, and another smaller pocket for a pen, lipstick, or a tampon, whatever a PWR WMN needs. On the outside, two deep and sturdy pockets, big enough for your phone and whatever else you need to carry to be ready for your day!   A women's blazer for Power Women ❤️

Fabric: Nylon, Rayon, and Spandex blend Material type
Model Stats: 

Suzzy is the epitome of a PWR WMN and we are so lucky to know her because she models for us for free! hehehe! This beauty is 170lbs, 5'10", and a 36DD. She used to play basketball with her twin sister Lizzy (yes there are TWO of these beauties walking around we're not even kidding)! She's wearing a size Medium in the She Means Business! 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Katrina Swift
Love love love my pwr wmn jackets

I found you because I needed pockets. These jackets are high quality. Non stop compliments. I am a fine dining manager and those pockets are the best thing ever. I will say the only thing I noticed was I went from a medium to a large. Medium navy and the arm length was perfect. I went to a large in the black and I had to take it to the tailor. I was a little surprised by the change but would buy again in a heart beat. Thank you for what you do!

Desiree C. Klaus | Let’s Vámonos Founder

I'm so thankful I finally got to try on all the different styles, I love all of them but I love being able to touch and feel before I purchase! So glad I was able to check y'all out at the Unique Market in Houston! Now that I know the fit and styles I feel more comfortable ordering another online.

Jessica B

I saw a golden PWRWMN blazer on a woman at a conference and had to stop her to ask where she got it. I got this one to be my "staple but with flair!" The cut is so nice, the fabric is sturdy and keeps great lines. The pockets are lovely and I keep showing people the gorgeous lining. I've already sent half a dozen people the link to buy and I'll probably have my 2nd one on order soon :) I'm so grateful for the fit: I'm 5'6" and 140# with a short waist and DDD bra and the Medium is absolutely perfect.

Feel Like a Boss

I’m an ASL interpreter who works in the medical field. I wear lots of black so there’s a good contrast to my skin color and Deaf patients can see me better. I have never owned a blazer that fits me as well as this. I’ve never felt more confident than I do in this piece. The beautiful material allows me to sign freely without restricting my movement. And the pockets?! Can’t believe I have a place to put my phone. Love it so much! Hoping to get more dark blazers that are a good contrast to my skin!


I feel so confident in this thing. I professional finance. I know YAWN. I have to follow a crazy strict dress code... they say “if your grandma would approve we would,” but their grandma must have been a nun (no offense to nuns). Company says no to anything fashionable is the short story. EXCEPT FOR *QUE ENTRANCE* this blazer! Love how I still get to show off my fashion flare but still be in dress code. For reference: I’m 5’6” 115lbs 25-26 waist and 32DD I’m an XS in these but if they don’t have that size I buy S and have it tailored.

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