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If you think women’s blazers are just for women who work in the corporate world, you’re wrong. Now more than ever women are redefining and creating new workspaces, all on their own terms. That means that WE get to call the shots when it comes to our workwear, long gone are the days when we have to dress like men in suits to be taken seriously. Women can be fierce and feminine. The two are no longer mutually exclusive. In fact, our female experience is one of our strengths and it brings power to the table. One of the industries that have always had creativity on their side is the beauty industry and when the women in the beauty industry come to work, they come to WERKKKKK honey!! 

blue velvet womens blazer

My sister-in-law, Audra, is in Cosmetology school and her outfits leave me dead on the floor every time. She looks SO CHIC! Wearing all black does not mean you leave creativity and sass at the door. Au contraire my PWR WMN, it means you COME👏🏽 WITH👏🏽IT👏🏽! She often has to go straight from school right into work at a salon, and let me tell you, her outfits are fire!!! I don’t remember ever dressing this amazing for school but honestly more power to her because when I dress up and I have my PWR WMN blazer on, I instantly feel more confident and in charge.  Her outfit combos are always on fire and her staples are perfect for all PWR WMN no matter what your workday looks like! She usually wears a dark wash jean (blue or black) with a fitted body suit or turtle neck. Sometimes she wears a wide brimmed hat and I think she rocks it! 

 She also sent me the instagram handles of other amazing hairstylists she follows and not only were their outfits amazing but their hair artistry is absolutely amazing! We took the liberty of gathering our favorite photos for inspiration here and to also match the outfits with the PWR WMN blazer we think would go beautifully with it!

blush womens blazer, pink womens blazer

womens tan blazer, tan blazer

womens white blazer, white blazer

womens black blazer, black blazer
We truly feel that all women are PWR WMN and this month we want to highlight this. Women are blazing new paths for each other and we want to celebrate that! If ever you feel you have to fit into a certain mold to be able to wear a blazer, think again and refer back to this email to look at these amazing women who rock the salon and their outfits!
womens blazers
womens blazers

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