Hi Power Women! The future is female AF. Working women put a lot of time and money into their outfits, only to feel that their clothes don't make them feel like the confident professionals they truly are. Like you, we're tired of going to 20 different stores to get the best price on a single outfit, and finding out it just isn't US. That's why we've created PWR WMN. So you can move and act with confidence and in a way that makes you feel AND look good, all without breaking the bank. The feeling of connecting with women entrepreneurs, and feeling their support and sisterhood will turn us all into a force. We want to literally wear that power on our sleeves. They're a representation of who we are: creating our own power, crafting our own clothing and unlocking our inner greatness. No matter if it's a meeting, a lunch or a business trip: we're here to take charge of our fashion, take ownership of the tools we need to succeed, and take command of our future. A future that's female. With equality and functional pockets for all.

We are so grateful you are here. Thank you so much for shopping with us!
With love,