How to Expand Your Network

Just because some of us are isolated doesn’t mean the hustle stops! Being open to new opportunities and connections are what will bring you from point A to B in your career. If this year has taught us anything, it's that ANYTHING is possible (murder bees...remember that?). And in preparation for anything, it's important to make sure you're always ready to take those new steps. What does this mean? Well, when was the last time you updated your resume? What about your LinkedIn? Have you thought about reaching out to people who are in a place in your career where you want to be? That’s what we mean! In order to take your next step you have to be LOOKING for your next step! We partnered with Nive Girl to gather the best tips out there to up your hustle! 


I’ll admit, my LinkedIn is in shambles lol. My college picture is on there so that might as well be a false advertisement because I look a liiiiiittttttleeee different. The thought of keeping up with yet another social media account makes my eyelashes hurt (is anyone else panicking about TikTok?!?!) . But to be honest….LinkedIn is where it's at. I slept on LinkedIn for so long and when I finally logged back on I was shook. There are LinkedIn Influencers guys. Let that sink in. So I’ve decided to step my LinkedIn game up and these are some tips I gathered when researching what the best things to do were. 

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womens blazer, networking from home

 womens blazers, networking from home



womens blazers, networking

networking, womens blazers

Let us know what tips worked for you and we will share with everyone!




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