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How many times have you been caught off guard when someone asked you for a business card and you didn’t have one on you? When a client or co-worker says let's go have lunch and you have to run and grab your purse while they impatiently wait. When your make up is messed up and you, as always, left your purse in your desk because it would be ridiculous for you to wear it around the office. And worst of all, when it's 5pm (somewhere) and your Truly or Whiteclaw is miles away??? Ok the last one might be a stretch (for some of us…), but honestly how annoying is it when you don’t have your essentials on you? 

If you're a PWR WMN and you have your PWR WMN blazer ready for action, none of the above things will ever happen to you again. Especially if you follow our guide on what essentials to always keep in your blazer! 

Ok, first things first: put your business cards in your blazer!!! Like right NOW! And start offering that card to anyone and everyone you see. We’re not kidding. As annoying as you may feel, trust us, someone is going to see your card and call you when they need your service. At my old job there was a salesman who by all means was a force to be reckoned with. Not only was his presence undeniable because of his style (Gucci everyday, and Burberry on the weekends honey 😎), but he was magnetic! Everyone he met and spoke to, would get a business card, every👏🏽 single👏🏽 time👏🏽. The fact that he was a top salesperson and made well over six figures was no coincidence. His hustle matched his success. And his wardrobe reflected it. If you don’t have business cards, make them! We made ours using Vista Print!

womens white blazer, womens interview outfit

BTW I'm wearing the Ms. President PWR WMN blazer 😍 

I’m a lipstick girl. This is going to sound ridiculous but if i'm not wearing earrings and something on my lips, I could easily be mistaken for a brown naked mole rat. Ask my family, they don’t mind telling you 😑. It’s a risk I'm not willing to take. So in my blazers you will ALWAYS find a lipstick in the slender pocket inside. Lipgloss is making a comeback, and as a creature of adaptation, I already have a few in stock. NYX butter gloss is my jam but my kryptonite is NYX Sliptease, in the shade “I woke up like this” to be exact. Go ahead and put your emergency lipstick in your blazer. Trust us, walking into a meeting with crusty dry lips is not an option. 

womens white blazer
Wearing the Ms. President PWR WMN blazer

I sweat in very random areas (it’s not TMI because you and I are BFFs). The first area to get hit by the random sweats is my upper lip  😑. The second is under my shouldn’t be medically possible but this is my struggle and I'm letting you in. Whenever this happens my makeup is the first to act up and act a fool in front of everyone! So the next essential item for my blazer is my Smudgies. Smudgies makeup wipes are reusable and do an amazing job whenever I need an emergency eyeliner clean up under my eyes (I lOvEeEe Texas in the summer 😐). Not only will you always look neat and unaffected by the sauna that is Texas in the summer, but you will also be repping a women owned business! Smudgies was started by Jasmine Adams in as a highschool student. Doesn’t that blow your mind? I love seeing Queens succeed from the start!!! Check her out at Smudgies and follow her entrepreneur journey at @_smudgies !

womens navy blazer

Ok guys I really wasn’t kidding about putting White Claws and Trulys in your blazer. Like I actually do it. Whenever I am feeling like a special mix of business woman and party mom, I slip my hard seltzer in my blazer and live my best life. Is it frowned upon by my mom? Yes. Does it make me feel like I can fly (5% alcohol can do a lot after 9 months of not drinking 🤰🏽). Absolutely! I highly recommend this new way of life. I don’t want to say you will be different, but my husband says I’m different when I’m sippin’ on my claws 😎.  

womens blue velvet blazer

I'm wearing our new Blue Velvet PWR WMN set!


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