The PWR WMN Behind PWR WMN Blazers

If you're wondering who’s behind PWR WMN, you're at the right place. PWR WMN was founded by Miriam and myself, Kimberly. Miriam immigrated to the USA from Mexico when she was eight years old and I came back to the USA from Colombia when I was seven. We are a proud Latina and Afro-Latina entrepreneurial duo. We met in college (A&M WHOOP!) but didn't become close until a few years after we graduated. I was in DESPERATE need of a job and Miriam referred me to her company. Soon after we were both working together selling Cadillacs and becoming best friends. If you've ever been in sales or sold cars, then you understand that your co-workers become family, because you're literally at work 70-80 plus hours per week. We knew we wanted to build something together but just didn’t know what.  

 women entrepreneurs, womens blazers with pockets

While working together we came across the same problem over and over. How do we carry our stuff around? How do we stay ready for everything when we can't even carry the most essential things without lugging around a huge purse? And most importantly, who are our blazers representing? It certainly didn't seem like us. We were stuck wearing blazers that didn't represent us. We weren't boxy and void of any femininity. We were strong feminine women who were always ready for anything, and it was time our clothes reflected that! Why shouldn't we bring our femininity into the office? We finally have a seat at the table and as we looked around we realized we didn't bring our true selves to the table, we brought a replica of our male counterparts. After all of the obstacles women have overcome, this seemed like a slap in the face. It's time our womanhood and femininity took a seat at the table too. 

 womens blazers with pockets

So we started looking for options and low and behold there were none out there that fit our criteria. So Miriam and I got to work on “drawing” our perfect blazers full of pockets. I say “drawing” because our sketches were laughable. Luckily my husband Jack is a great drawer and he “fixed” our sketches. Guys, when we say we didn't (don't) know what we're doing, we're not joking. We googled simple things, for example, you know when you double-check simple math in your calculator? That's been us on Google since we started. We got to work as fast as we could. I had a baby coming in nine months and we needed PWR WMN to be up and running before that! One baby and a number of events later we were starting to see the effect PWR WMN blazers had on women. 

 womens blazers with pockets, female entrepreneurs, latina owned business

Our dreams come to life every time a powerful woman comes to us and lets us know how wearing her PWR WMN blazer emboldened her to be herself, and how having the pockets she deserves prepared her for success. We started PWR WMN because we needed PWR WMN. We bring our hearts and souls to PWR WMN because of you. YOU motivate us to be bold, unapologetic, and to keep pushing to make PWR WMN into the brand we know she is. We are so grateful to have your support - we can feel it and we appreciate it. We hope to be with you during your most important moments, just like you've been there during ours.

PWR WMN, power woman, womens blazers with pockets

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