How to Love and Care for your PWR WMN Blazers

If you really and we mean really want to wash your blazers at home we recommend washing them in the gentlest cycle you have with cold water.  You can also hand wash them in, you guessed it, cold water with a little bit your softest detergent and then gently agitate the areas that need extra attention. To rinse, dip in and out of cold water until the soap is gone!

She's thirsty for success that is, so step away from the dryer! Do not put your beloved PWR WMN blazers in the dryer! These gals (yes we call them our gals) deserve better! Just hang them up to dry! A great tool to use is Hangio Hangers! That way your PWR WMN Blazers won't have any bumpy shoulders and you can support another female founded business!

Ok so when you first take your blazers out the water they will be dripping which makes the drying time eternal, also you don't want water weight pulling your blazers down! So to fix this, just take a large bath towel and put your blazer on top. Now roll up the towel like a yoga mat and squeeeeeze. Do that a few more times every time changing the spot on the towel to a dry one, and then hang to dry on your Hangio hanger!     Shop the Ms. President now!

Sorry ladies, this next step does not involve Dr. McSteamy (unless you want to think of him while you do this). To take out wrinkles, steam your PWR WMN blazer! We like to steam the inside of ours and it even takes care of some… aromas if you will (hehe raise your hand if you're a stinky gal!). This is our favorite steamer! My 1 year old daughter Sophia has chucked this thing to hell and back and it still works! #Blessed    Get to steaming!

We had so much fun writing this mainly because we got to collab with Ayo from Hangio. Working with other entrepreneurs is the COOLEST part of being an entrepreneur! She had great tips for organization and storage that you can find on her blog post. Thanks for reading and supporting us, it really means the world to us! Have a PWRful day and don't forget to VOTE!!!!!

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