Post Quarantine (à la New Year's) Resolutions

PWR WMN resides in good ol’ Texas and as of May 1st, Texas is open for business. That means that some of us will have to head back to work, whether or not we agree with it. I’ve been following this topic online and let me tell you, IT IS HEATED. There are so many things to consider on both sides of the aisle when discussing this topic, but at the end of the day I think we can all agree, we’re scared. I have felt the fear of the unknown before. Sometimes we feel this fear right before we jump into something new (savings and all...yikes!) and sometimes the fear is there simply because we have absolutely no idea what is going to happen, good or bad.


In many ways, this feels like New Years. Whether or not you had a good or bad beginning to 2020, this is your chance to have an even better start! This is where my love of lists and new notebooks comes in. I love––no, I REALLY LOVE––sitting down with a new notebook or planner and writing down my goals. I wrote some down the night before our real New Year, but now that the world got unplugged and plugged back in, I’m going to reassess and write a new one!


This restart has taken away my nerves and insecurities when it comes to creating my goals. I’m not going to timidly say “maybe I will learn a new way to do business that will multiply our sales”…um, no girl, WE HAVE TO LEARN A NEW WAY TO DO BUSINESS lol. I mean, the year is almost halfway over and it’s put us THROUGH IT. Unless the universe decided to send a meteor our way, I ain't scared 2020. So now my list is going to go a little something like this: 

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