Best Way to Wear a Blazer if You Have Broad Shoulders

Hey PWR WMN! This blog post is for my broad shoulder babes. I’ve been Dorito shaped all of my life, and I’ve known this for as long as I can remember. In grade school, while most girls were wearing little tank tops and strappy shirts to school, I'd always opt for a more conservative look and add a grandma sweater. This sweater was pointless. Not only did it not provide any heat but it also didn't camouflage my linebacker back at the age of 13. Eventually I decided to accept my delicious Dorito figure and instead of trying to hide it, I learned how to merchandize it up baby! One of my favorite body parts to highlight is my legs. It’s how I trapped my husband, that and this cute little baby!


So when I dress, I tend to center the focus on my legs, or least lead the eyes in that direction. At my age, booty shorts are no longer an option, they simply won’t close and I don’t care enough to try. So instead of relying on the obvious, I use handy dandy clues. PWR WMN blazers work BEAUTIFULLY for me because they taper my shape and lead the eye downward in a seamless fashion. All of the sudden BAM here are my legs! But you started up top, how ever did you get all the way down there??!?! THE FIT HONEY! When we designed our blazers we made sure to put in seams that purposefully took your eye on a curvy journey. The back of our blazers are a little bit longer so that when you put it on, it flares in the right place, making your waist look TINY!

womens blazer blush

white blazer tan blazer plaid blazer


So when you’re dressing up and you're blessed with a shape like mine 😎, make sure to accentuate your FAVORITE body parts! And treat the ones that need some loving with some extra love! Our blazers look amazing on your strong shoulders, they drape you beautifully and don’t cover up your strength, they highlight it! Don’t just put a drab color up top to not draw attention to your shoulders, use the seams to show off your bad ass back 💪🏽 and take their eyes on a Dorito journey! I ALWAYS end up in jeans and a t-shirt. I’m a mom and I can’t seem to get cute everyday to save my life. BUT I always throw on my blazer to add a touch of refinement. It adds the right curves to my shapeless shirt or sweater and makes me look like a boss (even when it’s day 3 in the same shirt). 

womens blue blazer baby blue blazer

Also, if you're up for it, put on a body suit under your blazer! I love doing this because I don't have to suck in with my blazer on top and I can eat all of the appetizers! If you really want to get serious with the appetizers, wear a black turtleneck bodysuit, it WORKS 

womens black blazer blazer and jeanswomens black blazer blazer and jeans

When you’re taking a photo i’ve learned that it's also a good idea to cross your legs like you have to pee! It adds to the illusion 😍 and every blogger does it so why not lol!

womens plaid blazer

Let us know in the comments what trick you use to feel your best and how you use your blazers to snatch that waist! We want to see your outfits!!! 

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