4 Ways to Wear Blazers

Ok, the blazer and jean combo is my JAM. This is my uniform. Miriam literally calls me out for wearing the same outfit over and over and my mom likes to drag me by saying I look like a picture...because I wear the same damn thing over and over. But as someone very chill and smart once said, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”. So here I am preaching the good gospel of jeans and a staple blazer. 

womens blazer power woman pwr wmn baby blue blazer

Mom jeans. God bless them. Whoever decided to start the trend in which we all get to wear baggy loose fitting jeans that don’t suffocate my lil fuppa, I salute you. Ladies, go to target and get yourself some mom jeans, they are SO comfortable and mine cost like $35 bucks? I like to go for the sporty chic mom look. So I add a monochromatic t-shirt, a hat, and off course...my PWR WMN blazer. I usually go for my black blazer because I used to live in New York and I like to pretend I still do. The blazer jeans combo is just iconic and am I mad that I happen to be wearing basic t-shirts and jeans everyday already because I am lazy and now people are calling it high fashion? No. No I am not. 

 blazers for women blazers and jeans

Ok, I know this blog post is out here blowing minds but hear me out. SHORTS and BLAZERS. I mean 🤯!! Listen, people forget about this combo, they sleep on it and then they remember it and it's too cold to do it. So I am here to remind you to spice up those booty shorts with a blazer. It’ll tell people you mean business, even during the summer 💪🏽! I am planning on wearing our white Ms. President PWR WMN Blazer with my dark blue shorts everywhere. Like if you happen to see me twice this summer don’t hate on my repetitive outfit, it's fashun! 

blazers for womenwhite blaze tan blazer black blazer women's blazer tan plaid blazer

Athleisure and blazers go together, hear me out. You’re finally done with your 25th zoom meeting of the day and you go get something to eat after. Then, as usual, your boss calls to request a last minute zoom meeting. Your neighbors can literally hear your eyes rolling back. Really boss person? 4:45pm and we need to zoom? Ok 😤. On top of that you’ve already changed into your cozy joggers and tshirt and are ready to drink whiteclaws so now you gotta put your biz casual clothes back on!?!? FALSE. Throw on that blazer girl!!!!! It looks amazing on you sweetie!! You’re a very modern business woman, let them know!!!!! You’re ready for business EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY! Catch me outside boss….I got my blazer on 👊🏽. 

blazers for women

Ok last one. Don’t say I never did anything for y’all. Jumpsuits and blazers. Ok ok ok I know you think i’m just making stuff up but hear me out. It’s cute! Also, sometimes I put on a jumpsuit and feel like I skipped too many steps while I was getting ready. Like it was too quick, slow it down! And if you take the blazer off, it's literally a different outfit. 


womens blazer jumpsuits and blazerswomen's plaid blazer and jumpsuit

Let me know how you wear your blazers and jeans and dm us pics so we can show y’all off!!

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YES!! Love these blazer tips and can’t wait to rock my PWR WMN blazer with my jumpsuits!! 😉 PWR WMN rules!!!

Kayla Alspach July 23, 2020

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