The "Rosé S'il Vous Plaît!" Pink Velvet Women's Blazer


Only 3 pieces in stock!

We can't believe we finally get to show you the "Rose S'il Vous Plait!" Pink Velvet Set! We've been working on her with Emily Austin for almost TWO YEARS!!!! Ever since we saw Emily on her instagram we've been so inspired by her. She is the kindest soul to be around with an energy that is both warm and bubbly and sassy and powerful! She is such a force to be reckoned with and we are so inspired how she doesn't compromise ANY of her femininity in order to be the powerful Emily we know her to be. She is a wonderful wife, a loving mother, and the sweetest of friends and this pink velvet set is the personification of her. This set is meant for you feel luxurious and self loved even on the days you don't even leave the house! We we're so tired of wearing sweats and frumpy clothes everyday that we decided we were going to romanticize our life…starting with our work from home wardrobe! We wanted whoever that was wearing it to feel loved and comforted but also empowered in their femininity to call the shots from anywhere! Whether that be on a zoom call from the comfort of your home or at the office, this set will help you celebrate...YOU!

The lining is...exquisite. Truly it is. We got together with Chera and asked her to put Emily's beautiful energy on canvas and my goodness she did. This has been a work of love and we can't wait for you to feel that!

Model Stats: 

Emily is 4'11 and a size XXS in the blazer and pants (Pants are sold separately!)

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Brooke John

The cutest and comfiest suit ever!!

Just gorgeous

Thank you so much for the easy exchange! The pants for way better, I have a little bit of a booty so they still have that pull around the hips a little bit I can handle that. I originally purchased a small which was a bit too small, emailed, sent the package back and was promptly mailed out the medium. I’ve been eyeballing this suit for the past year. I work as a pharmacy tech in a hospital, so no real reason for me to have this besides the fact that I just love it. I’ll find a reason!! Thank you so much!!

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