The Best Holiday Drink Ever

Ok so the title is a little dramatic but honestly it's up there! Jack and I just discovered Wassail and we're obsessed now. We have to stop ourselves from making it every night! One of the main reasons we've been cooking more and experimenting with new recipes, is because we want to start creating traditions with Sophia that she can grow up with and look back on, and say " parents were the coolest!". A deep fear of mine is that she will one day not wanna hang out with me so I'm going to make up as many mandatory traditions as possible, and this is officially one them! 

I'm not going to make you read a novel before we get to the recipe but I did want to add a little backstory on the drink itself. I'm not trying to dust off my History major chops so copy and paste it is! "The term “wassail” can trace its origins to pre-Christian Britain. Anglo-Saxon tradition included a New Year celebration in the halls of the Lord of the Manor, including a mighty feast with a giant bowl of a sort of punch: a mix of cider, ale and mead infused with bountiful spices and crab apples."


Here is our recipe which is a mix of one we got at and some things we added because we couldn't help ourselves (aka a lil bit of booze!)! 

best holiday drink 2021best holiday drink for 2021


 Let us know if you try it and if you like it!! We've made pretty much every week! 


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