The "I'll Have What She's Having" Cream Boyfriend PWR WMN Blazer Suit Jacket


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Guys! ok we can FINALLY put the "I'll Have What She's Having" (name that movie!) on our website! This beautiful cream boyfriend style blazer is lined with our dear friend Kenzi's artwork and we couldn't be more excited not only show off our beautiful PWR WMN blazer, but her amazing artwork as well! She has gorgeous pearl buttons and the comfiest stretchy but yet structured material that we know you will love! 

Model Stats: 

Kenzi is THE artist behind the gorgeous lining!!! Can you believe it!? Yes we are obsessed with her but when you get know her it's kinda impossible not to love her to pieces! She is 150lbs, 5'8", and a 34B and wears a medium in her "I'll Have What She's Having" PWR WMN blazer! 

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